About Us


The CABC was founded in October, 2001 to represent the interests of Canadian basketball coaches, at all levels.  The CABC is a federally incorporated not-for-profit organization designed to foster the sport in Canada, provide a voice for basketball coaches, stimulate interest in the game and offer a variety of educational programs for coaches, players and fans.  Organized as a collective group for the first time, its aim is to allow coaches to better serve as effective “Stewards of the Game” in Canada.

The CABC is currently building its Active Membership to include basketball coaches at the post-secondary, high school, elementary school and club/community based levels.  Affiliate or Associate Membership is also available to any non-coach, business, institution, library, or other related organization interested in the game of basketball and seeking affiliation with the purposes of the CABC.

Mission Statement

To foster the sport of basketball, promoting interest in and education about the game.


  • To steward the on-going development of Canadian basketball
  • To design and maintain an ethical framework for basketball coaches and their players
  • To encourage basketball coaches to serve as beacons within their community who set a high standard of moral, ethical and educational values
  • To represent basketball coaches at all levels
  • To unify coaches on issues pertaining to basketball at all levels
  • To educate basketball coaches, theoretically, technically and practically
  • To enlighten the general public, media, institutions, organizations and educators about the role coaches play, benefiting the sport and the players whom they serve
  • To work intimately with sport governing bodies on the issues that effect Canadian basketball, particularly those which influence the student-athlete and the ability of a coaching staff to function productively within an organization

To provide member services that address the needs of the coach, professionally, emotionally, financially, physically and spiritually